Radiation therapy - the use of high-energy radiation to treat cancer -- is an effective way to treat many kinds of cancer in most every part of the body. At least half of all people with cancer are treated with radiation therapy. For many patients, it is the only type of treatment they need - and can provide a complete cure for cancer. For those with cancers that cannot be cured, radiation therapy can bring relief from pain, bleeding, pressure or other cancer symptoms.

Radiation therapy can be generated externally from special treatment machines such as linear accelerators (which use electricity to generate high-energy radiation) or internally via radioactive substances (also called Brachytherapy).

Brachytherapy uses radioactive sources that are housed in small seeds, wires or tubes and placed directly into a tumor or inserted into a body cavity to give high-energy radiation to a small area. Depending on the type of cancer, radiation therapy may be combined with surgery or chemotherapy (the use of medicine to treat cancer).

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